Committees at Work

Registration Appeals Committee

The Registration Appeals Committee is a statutory committee established under the Ontario College of Teachers Act that is objective, fair and transparent. It reviews and makes decisions on appeals from applicants who were not granted College membership or who had terms, conditions or limitations (TCLs) placed on their Certificate of Qualification and Registration (certificate).

When an applicant is denied certification and requests an appeal of the Registrar’s decision, the committee may direct the Registrar to:

  • issue a certificate
  • issue a certificate if the applicant fulfils requirements specified in the regulations
  • issue a certificate subject to specified TCLs
  • direct the Registrar to refuse to issue a certificate.

When a member requests an appeal to remove or modify the TCLs imposed on his/her certificate, the committee may make an order:

  • refusing the appellant’s request
  • directing the Registrar to remove any TCLs
  • directing the Registrar to impose specified TCLs on the certificate.
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The committee’s work ensures that applicants are treated fairly, while maintaining the public’s confidence in the decisions that the College Registrar makes on behalf of the teaching profession. The committee considers appeals in both English and French.

In 2019, new Council members were appointed to the committee. At its orientation meeting, committee members participated in training sessions regarding issues that affect the registration appeals process, including:

  • sessions on the committee’s mandate and processes
  • the legislative framework
  • the certification process
  • credential assessment
  • the professional suitability requirement
  • human rights issues
  • guiding principles for deliberations and decisions writing.

In 2019, the Registration Appeals Committee received 20 appeals. Of this number, 7 were from members who were certified with TCLs, while 9 were from applicants who were denied certification. Following a re-assessment by the College,3 were withdrawn and 1 did not fall within the Committee’s authority.

In 2019, the committee met 11 times and rendered 22 decisions, including appeals carried over from 2018. Typically, decisions are based on documents the appellants and the College submit. The committee will also consider requests for an oral presentation on an individual basis.

A total of 7 appellants made oral presentations to the committee in 2019, and 15 appeals were reviewed as part of a paper review process.

Reasons for Appeal in 2019 and Decisions Rendered

Terms, conditions or limitations on a certificate 10
Teacher education program requirement not satisfied 4
Teacher education program requirement and academic requirement not satisfied 0
Academic degree requirement not satisfied 6
Language proficiency requirement not satisfied 0
Teacher education program requirement and language proficiency requirement not satisfied 2
Total 22
Appeal Outcomes
Original decision upheld 14
Original decision overturned 8
Original decision modified 0
Appeal Outcomes Total 22

Registration Appeals

  • Jean-Luc Bernard, OCT (a) (until July 2019)
  • Chantal Côté, OCT (e)
  • Elizabeth Edgar-Webkamigad, OCT (a)
  • Sara Nouini, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Stéphane Vallée, OCT (e) (Vice-Chair)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected